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Mobile tickets introduced for public transport in České Budějovice

Passengers of public transport in České Budějovice may now purchase season tickets via the smart phone application SEJF. Thus it is no longer necessary to visit the ticket office to buy the coupon as it is permanently saved on the person’s phone.

Source: Českobudějovický deník


Popularity of mobile tickets is growing

Passengers in Zlín and Otrokovice have quickly got used to mobile tickets, the sales of which have been growing each month. In January 2015, the public transport company in Zlín – Otrokovice sold 7,230 mobile tickets.

“Our presumption that mobile tickets would be especially popular among the young, who can no longer imagine their daily lives without using their phones not only for calling, but also for sending messages, taking photos, searching their position, using internet banking, searching the transport schedule and surfing the web, has been confirmed. Buying tickets for public transport is just another of these services,” said Josef Kocháň, director of the public transport company in Zlín – Otrokovice.

Source: Parlamentní listy

Press releases

  • Tickets in Ústí nad Labem

    GLOBDATA will provide ticket purchase by text messages and by the SEJF system in the city of Ústí nad Labem.

    GLOBDATA maintained its position in Ústí nad Labem and will continue to provide electronic tickets purchase (tickets bought via text messages and the SEJF application). The company offered the best proportion of price to performance from the three companies in the selection procedure. The new contract will be valid for two years. 

    “Since 2008, when we started cooperating with GLOBDATA, there have been no problems related to our partnership. Moreover, the company provides for us modern, reliable and low-cost services popular with the passengers. That is why we decided to continue our cooperation,” says František Chlada, director of the Customer Care and Information Centre of the Public Transport company in Ústí nad Labem.

     “We are happy that the public transport company’s management put their trust into our hands again. It is important to note that Ústí nad Labem has been making much progress in using modern technology within the Czech Republic. For instance, the SEJF system provides purchase of one-way tickets and season coupons as well as paying for parking and tickets within the municipality’s organizations, such as entrance to the view tower, maze or the tennis sports complex,” says Pavel Zákravský, GLOBDATA’s managing director. 

  • Company ERIKA, a.s. changed to GLOBDATA a.s.

    Praha, July 1, 2015 – The company ERIKA, a.s. changed its name to GLOBDATA a.s. Apart from changing the trademark, the corporate identity was also completely transformed, including the company’s mercantile and advertising printed matter, logo and website. The new name reflects the company’s goal to introduce its services and products on foreign markets. The creative concept was done by Flamesite, mercantile goods and the website were designed by FG Forrest.

    “There were two reasons for rebranding the company. Firstly, the original name ERIKA was created in 1997 and after 18 years on the market, the time has come to emphasise that we are primarily a provider of electronic payment services and that our solutions are of global character, i.e. that they can be used anywhere in the world. This is closely linked to the second reason – our ambition to penetrate foreign markets,” says Pavel Zákravský, managing director of GLOBDATA a.s.

Materials of events

  • SEJF - modern payment tool in public transport

    On June 4, 2015, the company GLOBDATA a.s. organized an expert discussion on SEJF – a modern payment system for public transport. The speakers – representatives of media, municipalities and transport providers – introduced the comprehensive SEJF system, which can be used, for example, to buy tickets and season tickets for public as well as regional transport. The discussion was made more interesting by presenting the SEJF system in practice, by showing the installation, putting funds in the account, buying and checking the ticket, etc.

    The video from the presentation is available HERE


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