Complex solutions for the municipal sector

We offer to our customers from the municipal sector and public or private transport complex solutions involving unique payment tool and ticketing system that works reliably in nearly 40 cities in the Czech Republic. Payments for fares, parking and other services where are necessary exposure, distribution and validation of the document thus become convenient, fast and transparent.

Payment of transport or parking services can be done both through Premium SMS, and via the SEJF. SEJF mobile application is used as a payment instrument which, thanks to the technology of smartphones brings a number of improvements and benefits not only for users - residents and visitors to the city, but also for the recipients of such payments, ie to transport operators and parking.

The entire back office system is the same for Premium SMS and SEJF. System is ONLINE, modular and allows the flexibility to add new modules and additional functionality.

Basic description of the system for users

Users of the system, ie passengers and drivers have access to online self-service web interface, which offers an overview of all tickets or parking tickets, that were in the last 3 months ordered from the phone number. The user can connect to his phone number other numbers and print collective documents for multiple phone numbers (an advantage for companies) .

  • Overview tickets / parking tickets
  • Exposure and printing of tax documents
  • Collective tax documents
  • Online complaint module

Basic description of the system for service providers

Service provider ( transport company, city) has an ONLINE administrator interface, a system for managing and evaluating the entire system of travel documents ( tickets, coupons, time / parking tickets and zones etc. ). Outputs and statistics allow performance monitoring of travel tickets / parking tickets and many other functions :

  • System for administration and evaluation of system operation
  • Statistics and reports
  • Managing auditors / inspectors
  • Information module
  • Complaint module
  • Offences module
  • Data export and printing

Basic description of the system for auditors and inspectors

Verification and validation of tickets, time coupons / parking tickets proceeds using supervisors / inspectors mobile devices. Application allows online and offline access to the database of sold tickets. The control environment is adapted so as to allow easy and convenient documents validation in the field. The application offers a number of additional features:

  • Checking tickets and time coupons
  • Checking parking tickets according to zones or RZ
  • Online validation of personal documents
  • Reports from dispatching
  • Voice recorder
  • Posting inspector's emergency signal in danger